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21 Tara Sand Mandala with Lama Losang Samten

Jun 16, 2023 - Jun 18, 2023 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm | Netloft
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Meals during the 21 Tara Sand Mandala Retreat

Jun 16, 2023 - Jun 18, 2023 | 5:00 pm - 1:00 pm |
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Come Experience Yantra with Swami Mukibodhananda Saraswati

Jul 6, 2023 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Netloft
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April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day across our planet. This year it landed on a Saturday, and Gabriola responded with a cornucopia of earth-themed activities. GES contributed an information-packed and visually energizing update of current local sustainability initiatives, as curated by Gabriola’s own Maureen Wild. 18 of us gathered at the Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre to listen to Maureen weave together many puzzle pieces representing numerous local endeavours that are contributing to the vitality and viability of our sustainable future.

Her presentation featured empowering images and descriptions of local initiatives, interwoven with the urgent call to planetary action as framed by the words of Naomi Klein. Her presentation concluded with earth-focussed devotional poetry excerpts drawn from The Angel’s Apprentice, a new book by local author Lawrence Myles; Lawrence generously donated five copies with proceeds dedicated to the ongoing efforts of GES to encourage and nurture spiritual questing on Gabriola. Our sincere thanks to both Maureen and Lawrence for this enlightening afternoon. We look forward to another GES update by Maureen in the coming year that will feature the insights of Thomas Berry on the healing of our sacred Mother Earth.


On Sunday, March 19th at the Net Loft, Gary Dillon spun a magical atmosphere with words plumbed from the depths of clear perception.

As we entered Gary’s world, we all breathed together focusing on “Aloha” alo-presence, ha-breath; “breath of life.”

Gary’s dedication to a reemerging island community of old school Hawaiians on Molokai earned him the honour of being trained to heal using Lomilomi massage. Before Gary met his teacher, he heard him loudly chanting the names of 52 ancestors as he walked the mile and a half on Molokai’s trail towards him.

Gary advised that we cultivate communication with our ancestors, even if we only know those from a few generations back. “We are their eyes, ears, and entry into connection with the Earth.” And they in turn offer us wise counsel.

When Gary began practicing Lomilomi, his teacher often visited him through the Spiritual dimension to confirm he was in alignment with the ancient Polynesian Shamanic teachings. Over time, the visitations lessened, but they were guaranteed when his ego entered his practice!

Gary shared an appreciation for all names of every person, and an awareness that we each embody unique qualities of perception and expression.
Finally, he explored the profound interconnection between love and grief; grief being the expression of deep love, and love encompassing awareness of grief.


On Saturday, January 28th , 2023 a full house of interested Gabriolans attended an event at the Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre to hear the Gabriola Island Memorial Society’s (GIMS) presentation of their research on green or natural burials.

The Gabriola Green Burial Exploratory Committee was formed in December 2020 at the request of Island Futures, a Gabriola think tank. This Committee was formed based on the awareness that the Gabriola Cemetery, first formed in 1882, only has room for about 10 more full burials, although it still has considerable room for cremation plots. There is also a growing concern t0 find a more environmentally-friendly solution for the respectful disposal of the dead. [click to continue…]


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An Enduring Legacy of Generosity and Appreciation

October 19, 2022

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Fall Tibetan Meditation Retreat at the Net Loft

October 7, 2022

From September 30th to October 2nd more than fifty people gathered in the sunshine for a meditation retreat with Lama Losang and his assistant, Soo Kyong Kim. […]

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Reflections for October

October 6, 2022

As we write this afternoon, approaching the last days in September, the sun shines brightly and the gentle breeze rustles the trees and plants outside our doors. […]

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Embracing One Truth, Many Paths

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The 18th Annual GES Summer Picnic July 21, 2022

August 3, 2022

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Summer Solstice Meditation and Potluck with Forest Dweller (Pandit) Tejomaya

June 27, 2022

Saturday, June 25,  Net Loft Twenty-two spiritual seekers experienced deep peace in a progressive series of meditations and chanting of solar mantras, culminating in a flower offering […]

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“Spring, being a tough act to follow, God created June.” Al Bernstein

June 14, 2022

“Spring, being a tough act to follow, God created June.” Al Bernstein So… here we are, in June. We’re looking towards the light as our days grow […]

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Review of the 2022 Seder

May 2, 2022

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