On Nov 24th 2005, 25 people gathered for a presentation given by Fran McIninch,  who introduced us to a profound new vision of growing older. She used the book. From Aging to Saging”  by Zalman Schachter as her guide. Fran spoke of the essence of Spiritual Eldering as nourishing ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and of the necessity of acquiring skills for working on the inside. She  encouraged us to give  a real hearing to our inner voices. She said when engaging in a life review and life repair in relationships one can come to terms with one’s own mortality and transmit a legacy to future generations.

 Definition of an Elder

An Elder is a person

who is still growing,

still a learner., still with potential and

whose life continues to have

within it promise for, and

connection to the future.


An Elder is still in pursuit of

happiness, joy, and pleasure,

and her or his birthright to these

remains intact.


Moreover, an elder is a person

who deserves respect and honour and

whose work it is to synthesize wisdom

from ling life experience and

formulate this into a legacy for

future generations.