Director for a Ugandan Aid Organization visits Gabriola

The Gabriola Ecumenical Society is pleased to sponsor a talk by David Moore, the Director for the African Community Technical Service (ACTS), on Tuesday, March 9.  ACTS is a Christian, grassroots organization with links to Gabriola. The organization had its beginning over 40 years ago when Sue Boulton’s cousin, Jim Wardroper, decided he would use his expertise in water technology to bring clean water to the Ugandan people. At that time the Anglican Sunday School decided to help and raised money to support his efforts. Working closely with an Anglican Diocese in Uganda for on site management and manpower, his efforts gained momentum and ACTS was born.

David lives and works out of Comox and is presently in Uganda checking up on the progress of all the projects. He will have been back a scant week before he comes to visit us bringing with him the latest updates on the projects. We will see this first hand in his PowerPoint presentation.  ACTS is still staffed by volunteers who work locally or go out to the field for a whole variety of terms and purposes. Most of the projects are in the south, in the Ankole District, with Mbabara being the headquarters.  Bringing clean, safe water to small communities is still the main focus of the organization; however there are numerous others – for example, ecotourism, agro forestry, day clinics for HIV/AIDS testing, and rehabilitation projects.  Among the smaller projects  are  help for women’s support groups and orphan education,  “memory books” for families who are losing their parents, fuel efficient brick stoves to aid health and save trees, and animals to provide a source of income.  These initiatives have grown out of the needs of the communities and are aimed at helping self sufficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about Uganda and wish to be inspired by the accomplishments of ordinary people, then join us at The ROXY at 2pm on Tuesday, March 9th. Admission will be by donation.