“Spirituality through the Arts”

In accordance with our theme of ‘Spiritual Adventures’ we began the preparation for our final activity before Christmas.The committee was really enthused about our title and all the different opportunities available for exploration which came out of it. By the end of January the final format was settled on. Vicki had the hardest leg work to do, arranging a speaker for the writing component. We actually ended up with three excellent possible presenters, finally deciding on Ray McGinnis.

The decision to carry the Music theme through the sessions worked well, and Lucia Gamroth did an excellent job of enlightening us as to the background of Taize. I was amazed at the appeal this Taize Worship had for the youth of the world. As I experienced the chants which are part of the ‘services’, I could sense the unity, love and peace which they brought to the fore, especially the connectedness between all living creations


On Saturday, Ray guided us through two meaningful psalm related writing experiences.As we listened to each other’s poetic efforts we all felt privileged to be allowed the glimpse into each other’s lives. I think too, we realized how much in common we had with one another, and how we all appreciated the beauty of our “Gabriola World”.


Gerrit Verstraete had the difficult job of discussing Art, the Artist and the viewer.He helped us gain a much better understanding of how to look at a work and appreciate it.He allowed us to travel with him as he agonized over his call to be a pastor but also his call to be an artist.Gradually the realization came to him that it was not an either or choice, but that he could be called to minister through his art as well as through the Word.

I think I speak for all the 30+ people who attended that these sessions were a great success.

Imelda Cuthbertson