Agenda for Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, May 06, 2015 7PM
Gabriola Commons 675 North Rd

1. Opening Prayer: Jacquie Jessup
2  Approval of Agenda:
3. Secretary’s Report: Jacquie Jessup
4. Treasurer’s Report:  Vic Weibe
5. Old Business:
6. Committee Reports:
Membership:            Jacquie Jessup
Website:                     Del McCarthy
Communications:    Carol Hemrich
Education:                 Maureen Wild, Carol Hemrich
Social:                         Anne Sims
7. New Business:
Vision Statement
Upcoming programmes
8. Election of Board Members for 2015-2016
Standing members: Alex McConnell, Anne Sims, Carolyn Pullano, Del McCarthy,                    Jacquie Jessup, Linda St. Clair, Mary Aitken,Vic Weibe, Imelda Cuthbertson.
Call for new members: members form various faith traditions would enhance the  Board
9. Adjournment:

Potluck Dessert and Coffee [Donations of desserts will be appreciated]