The Gabriola Ecumenical Society was delighted to host an informative presentation by Gary Dillon regarding his immersion in the spiritual principles and practices of the traditional Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian spirituality in action informs his practice of lomilomi massage and sacred dance, and has inspired some of his remarkably beautiful paintings that were on display, which honour his teachers and attest to the inner landscape of his spiritual journey.

26 people attended the event.  Attendee John Bloomstrand, in his written reflections shared with the GES board, commented enthusiastically on the embodied principles of harmony, grace and kindness that infused Gary’s presentation, noting that Gary “immediately captured my attention with his warm, heartfelt greeting of the Hawaiian people. From there, he gracefully walked in large circles (around the sacred ceremonial altar); I could not only see it in his eyes, but also I felt his compassion, his caring for everyone there, which elevated me to a new level of trust.”

Heartfelt thanks to Gary for his generous sharing with us all. Deep appreciation as well to Amy Block for serving as the event coordinator, to Brenda Gaertner for hosting us at the Net Loft, and to the volunteers who helped to facilitate this uplifting event. Clearly, spirit is still in action in times such as these.