The Cosmic Pilgrim A Spiritual Exploration of the New Story

Maureen Wild and Margaret McIntyreMaureen Wild introduced the Gabriola Ecumenical Society to Margaret MacIntyre who wrote the book “The Cosmic Pilgrim”

Cosmic Pilgrim offers a rare and wonderful weaving of personal curiosity and insight with evolutionary consciousness, faith and trust in the God who is love, and the ultimate question of human purpose and fulfillment. The author’s contemplative gaze takes one on an enjoyable journey from the largest context of our existence, to the inner pilgrimage of the human heart that longs to become love against all odds.

What an amazing journey the participants who attended this four week series went upon. Margaret MacIntyre, author  Cosmic Pilgrim introduced her book and guided  the first discussion.  She explained how it came to be that she wrote the book.  In her evolving spiritual journey she pondered the eternal questions ‘Where did we come from? What is the meaning of it all? Where are we going? ” As she explored these questions the teachings of Teihard de Chardin, Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme   resonated deeply within her soul.  The concept of evolving consciousness, self-reflective consciousness  of which they spoke reenforced her own belief system and these three great thinkers came to the same conclusion that Margaret did about the evolution of love. We are becoming love. It is Margret’s belief that we are evolving in this way, that conflict is lessening in our society and that we have statistics to prove it.   Her enthusiasm and clarity of thought was an invitation for the 18 members present to read her book and continue our own explorations using her book as a guide.

The second, third and fourth sessions , Jan 21, 28th, Feb 04 and Feb 11th were  guided by  by Shelagh Huston and Maureen Wild.  Lively discussions with personal sharing bonded the group which attended. The desire at the last gathering was that we continue our search in some fashion.   See the poster for description of this wonderful book.

On Friday, Feb 22 nd Maureen hosted a tea with Margaret as her guest.   Those attending had the opportunity to express their thanks, to ask questions and to explore along with her where she is now on our her journey.  She enthusiastically  introduced to us to  A.H.Almaas and his book Facets of Unity which has encouraged and supported her on her present inner journey Let us see where this now takes us!

The book is available at the Gabriola Public library.  at the  United Church [ Brown envelope on bulletin board to be signed out when borrowed and returned after one week] or to purchase from Maureen 250 247  0087 or online through Amazon.

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