Organizational Structure

We are a registered non-profit society run by volunteers

Through our programming we strive to

  • evolve into community respectful of our diversified spiritual experiences
  • welcome and be open to new ways of seeing and being
  • foster a safe and enriching environment that nourishes each person’s spiritual quest


Table of Officers:

President:  Del McCarthy
Secretary-Treasurer:  Lisa Millard
Board Members: Sally Bullas, Lynette Jackson, Del McCarthy, Janice Power, Jennie Shillingford, Catherine Woodward

Program Team:

Co-coordinator: vacant
Board/Program Liaison: Lynette Jackson
Program Committee Members:  John Bloomstrand, John Gooding,  Brenda Gaertner,  Jennie Shillingford


Jennie Shillingford

Catherine Woodward       Newsletter Contact Collector


Debra Trca


Catherine Woodward

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