Organizational Structure

We are a registered non-profit society run by volunteers

Through our programming we strive to

  • evolve into community respectful of our diversified spiritual experiences
  • welcome and be open to new ways of seeing and being
  • foster a safe and enriching environment that nourishes each person's spiritual quest

Table of Officers:

President:  revolving
Treasurer:  Lisa Millard
Secretary: revolving

 Karen Hollis, Lynette Jackson, Del McCarthy, Catherine Woodward

Program Committee:

Co-ordinator: Maureen Wild  [on Sabbatical]

Board/program Liaison : Lynette Jackson


Gary Badke, Amy Block, Rainie Dahl Evans, Anniken DeLissa, Del McCarthy, Janice Power, Brenda Gaertner, David Skinner, Dwight Anderson

Karen Hollis

Debra Trca

Del McCarthy   Carol Hemrich

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