An Evening of Taize Music & Gregorian Chant with Hiromi Bradshaw & others

On Thursday September 23rd in the evening, the Gabriola Ecumenical Society launched into a new series of educational workshops and concerts, talks and prayer circles, sharing the theme of “spiritual adventure”. Held at night in the shared Gabriola United and the St. Martin of Tours Anglican Church, 2600 South Road,  and set with low light and many candles, 55 participants enjoyed a processional of the Gregorian Choir led by Hiromi Bradshaw. The choir shared a number of very beautifully performed chants in latin with precision and devotion. Following was a series of Taize melodies sung by all participants, confidently led by Marilyn Smith  and John Bryson on piano and guitar.

Gregorian chant is prayer. From ancient times until today, people have believed in the mysterious living energy in music, where we can come to our own sacred place and where true health and peace meet us as we sing through the meditative chants. Gregorian Chant (which took its name in the 7th century, following St. Gregory), dates back to ancient Jewish psalm chanting with many early monasteries and Christian communities contributing their compositions for prayers and hymns. The traditional understanding is that they were created by the Holy Spirit.

Taize song is a creative outpouring of the Taize –world-wide church movement which began in France in 1940. The songs are simple to learn with beautiful melodies reflecting a yearning and a love of God , focused on inner life and human solidarity. Seekers in this tradition ask: ‘”what is our purpose in life” and how can we be bearers of peace, reconciliation and trust in our lives and communities.

The atmosphere was a sweet and peaceful blend of energized ethos – a creative love of God.

 A recessional followed and led to a gathering for fruit and cider and sharing to complete the evening.

Taize will again be organized during this year and we welcome all to come and participate. The music is available by written sheet music and instruction during the evening.