For the second year, the Gabriola Ecumenical Society hosted ‘Lifting our Spirit Through A Ceremony of Remembrance.’ A big thank you to Owen McCooey who took the lead in organizing this important and beautiful ceremony. 

This event, now in it’s second year, was described by participant Mary Aiken’s as “an intimate  group of hardy souls  who gathered in the warm atmosphere of the Netloft in the midst of a howling wind and rain storm …to join this Ceremony of Remembrance.”

Guests were welcomed at the Net loft with the warmth of the fire and Allanah Dowe’s beautiful cello.

As we entered we wrote names of those we wished to honour  – to be read – as floating candles were lit. This introduction to the evening set the tone of reflection and appreciation for those lives well lived and still so alive in our minds.

In the welcoming glow of candlelight and firelight, we were treated to powerful, unique and heartfelt remembrances of loved ones by five presenters.  Our gifted Allannah Dow played perfect cello  interludes between each presentation.

“Grief is a way of loving, love is a way of grieving. They need each other in order to be themselves.”
Stephen Jenkinson from ‘Die Wise’

Humour, grief, shock, confusion and beauty were common threads as the five presenters guided us through their own unique witnessing of the dying process. Collectively we celebrated each loss through laughter and tears. Spirits were truly lifted and transformed.
This was indeed a precious time and place to express our most intimate thoughts as we continue on our journey of understanding the great mystery.

Thank you to all five presenters for sharing your heart, wit and insights of a process that continues and deepens infinitely. Thank you to Brenda for your space, Allanah and Carolyn Bell for wrapping the evening in wellbeing and song and of course all those who attended.

Each one of us was very grateful to be a part of this lovely event!

Submitted by Rainie Evans