“What a memorable evening” was one comment in response to the festive sharing and learning about how a Seder works.

 A big thank you to Amy and Paul who walked everyone though the ceremonial ritual and meaning of a Seder in a clear and unhurried way, leaving room for questions, comments and discussion. 

Held at the  Gabriola Golf Club,  we were greeted by a beautiful table setting for 40 people to gather around  –  family style – with bright red table cloths,  an array of foods, wine and flowers – all ready and in preparation for the different stages of the Passover.  

It officially  started with the  lighting of a candle – to bring in the light.   The evening continued with blessings and  hand washing and experiencing of different foods . The evening  was not complete until  a piece of matzah, an unleavened flatbread used in Passover, is shared  with everyone before they can leave!  It is however hidden first and needs to be found.

” A fabulous well thought out educational evening.  A time for many different faith backgrounds to come together and reflect on the Passover story (or Haggadah), and the many parallels to our thinking today.

Almost four hours flew by in an instant as we were taught to reflect, interact and sing our way through the evening story and meal. The leadership, stories, lessons, questions and the food were fabulous, and we we are all made richer as a community.”

A  evening of ” Lifting our Spirits through Ceremony”and one where there truly  was  “Unity in Diversity”.

A heart felt thank you to all the volunteers  who helped with registration,  food preparation, flower arrangements, and making this occasion such a rich experience! 

We hope that this will happen again next year!!