Photo of Nancy ReevesOn Friday, April 13th  and Saturday April 14th 2012  Dr. Nancy Reeves  presented  a workshop on Coping with Loss and Change at the Gabriola United Church

Nancy Reeves, Ph.D. is a registered clinical psychologist, spiritual director, and best-selling author, who has specialized in the area healing and transformation with adults and children since 1978. She also conducts workshops and retreats in the area of spirituality. She is internationally respected as a workshop facilitator, psychotherapist, author, and poet.  In her clinical practice she works with individuals, families, groups, and in trauma recovery sessions after community disasters.

Nancy describes loss as any experience that restricts us – from the concrete, such as bereavement, or chronic illness to the more nebulous shattering of a dream or expectation. Even positive change, such as a desired retirement or move holds some aspects of loss. Many factors influence how each of us deals with loss and change.

This workshop was  for people who have or are experiencing any type of loss eg. of a loved one, meaningful employment, finances, health, relationships. It offered tools for  emotional, mental and spiritual support   It  addressed  different styles of grief, exploring factors such as male/female, time of life, and belief systems.

Dr. Nancy Reeves has worked in the area of grief, loss and trauma for 34 years. She has been honoured for her work by receiving the Victoria YM/YWCA Woman of Distinction Award. She is psychotherapist at the Island Loss Clinic (Victoria), adjunct faculty at the University of Victoria, presents regularly in 8 countries, is a best-selling author and award-winning columnist. Nancy and her husband Bob have recently purchased property on Gabriola and are building a home here.

Nancy’s  presentation was enthusiastically received by 28 participants.

Dinner was served on Saturday.  Once again John and  Marilyn led us in celebration and song.

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