Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

On a warm Friday evening 40 people gathered at the Commons to to attend an uplifting, joyful introduction into the life of Swami  Muktibodhananda.

As we gathered in the garden, some on chairs and some on blankets, Swami Mukti gave us an insightful, inspiring talk on how we can could include some of the great Hindu teachings and traditions into our private lives and into our Western culture.

Her powerful message is that the key to peace is finding your truest, deepest passion and following it, and to use the gift of laughter to reduce stress. A s we departed many of us carried a resolve to look at our daily life with  a more positive outlook.

Swami Mutki then invited us to participate in some of the daily events of the Gabriola Retreat: Mantras, Mudras, and Malas: Making Magic she was teaching at Camp Miriam on Sunday, August 28th to Friday Sept 2nd.

This public talk was cosponsored by Gabriola Ecumenical Society, Tejomaya and Yoga Sadhana Mandir