Early in August the GES Board and Program Committee gathered at the Netloft to reconnect and talk about what kind of theme for this year could possibly capture the current spiritual dimensions human experience. As we sat in the shade we were warmly welcomed by Brenda Gaertner. Brenda told us the land has been resting and waiting; the land has been ok with this time of rest and welcomes the return of the people.

It was in that spiritual container that we explored in conversation the realities of the human experience right now and the impacts of these things on our spirits. We discussed the centrality of climate change to our lives and our world. We discussed spiritual resilience, sacred texts, respectful dialogue, story, language and culture. We wondered about the movement from separation (because of COVID) to togetherness, knowing that our togetherness is different than before . . . and we are different too. What are we becoming? What could we become? What could we cultivate? How could we collaborate with Spirit? How do we need to be nourished by Spirit?

We think somewhere within these ideas is a theme for this year . . . it is still working in us, perhaps now it is working in you too. Feel free to be in touch if you want to participate in birthing this year’s theme . . . it feels like a poignant moment.