From September 30th to October 2nd more than fifty people gathered in the sunshine for a meditation retreat with Lama Losang and his assistant, Soo Kyong Kim. Lama Losang has been leading retreats since 2015 on Gabriola and this one was a particularly celebrated occasion after a hiatus of 2 years.

The retreat began with emphasis on mind training or concentration meditation, being the underlying source of peace and equanimity, so necessary in our times of change. Seasoned practitioners and beginners both experienced the profound reminders of the innate strength and capacity of our mind.

Equally moving were the healing visualizations of the Green Tara. This was a taste of next year’s retreat which will be a construction of the sand mandala of 21 Taras, each with a different colour, energy and attribute. Throughout history Tara has manifested in myriad forms. She is known as the ‘Mother of all Buddhas’ and the “Great Liberator”.

The Net Loft served as a soothing and nourishing environment for a short but spectacular weekend of reuniting with friends, in affirmation of our extreme good fortune to be together again.