On Sunday, March 19th at the Net Loft, Gary Dillon spun a magical atmosphere with words plumbed from the depths of clear perception.

As we entered Gary’s world, we all breathed together focusing on “Aloha” alo-presence, ha-breath; “breath of life.”

Gary’s dedication to a reemerging island community of old school Hawaiians on Molokai earned him the honour of being trained to heal using Lomilomi massage. Before Gary met his teacher, he heard him loudly chanting the names of 52 ancestors as he walked the mile and a half on Molokai’s trail towards him.

Gary advised that we cultivate communication with our ancestors, even if we only know those from a few generations back. “We are their eyes, ears, and entry into connection with the Earth.” And they in turn offer us wise counsel.

When Gary began practicing Lomilomi, his teacher often visited him through the Spiritual dimension to confirm he was in alignment with the ancient Polynesian Shamanic teachings. Over time, the visitations lessened, but they were guaranteed when his ego entered his practice!

Gary shared an appreciation for all names of every person, and an awareness that we each embody unique qualities of perception and expression.
Finally, he explored the profound interconnection between love and grief; grief being the expression of deep love, and love encompassing awareness of grief.