The Giving Thanks dinner is a cherished tradition for many in our GES community. It provides an annual opportunity to gather together in appreciation for the countless blessings of our lives, and to celebrate and nurture the active expression of goodness inherent in the hearts of sincere seekers of all paths. 

This year’s gathering, held at the Gabriola Golf and Country Club on October 15, provided a particularly poignant opportunity to strengthen our multi-faith bonds.  We were blessed to participate together in a deeply meaningful interactive grace, written specially for the occasion by Shelagh Huston. Shelagh directly addressed our current, wildly perilous global tensions and disruptions. She highlighted the multitude of challenges we face together, as well as the collective gifts we share. Rather than attempting to summarize, we invite you to read Shelagh’s beautifully articulated message in its entirety. We hope you will allow its profound message to speak directly to your heart and strengthen your spirit. May our sincere appreciation for this elegant treatise serve as our collective vote that Shelagh keep writing from her soul.

Catherine Woodward presided once again as our stalwart and capable board event organizer, Lynette Jackson served as our greeter and master of ceremonies, and Amy Block assisted our guests to update their GES memberships.

Our special thanks for the intrepid musicians, The Mutineers, led by Paul Gellman and including Guy Mireau, Gary Badke, Mark O’Hara, Marshall Mangan, Gina Green, and Judith Plant, who added much merriment to the evening.

The Giving Thanks dinner would not be possible without all the volunteers who provided side dishes to accompany turkeys, dressing, and gravy cooked by Jinny Hayes, Karen Mccavour, and Lynette Jackson, as well as ham provided by Del McCarthy.  Sincere thanks to Jinny Hayes, Janice Power, and Del McCarthy for the lovely wild foliage table centerpieces; to Ev Simpson who provided her trademark calm and efficient serving support on behalf of the Gabriola Golf and Country Club; to Lisa Millard for her indispensable behind-the-scenes support as our GES treasurer; and to all volunteers and feast contributors. Together we have demonstrated, once again, that in the spirit of appreciation and thanks we are indeed One!