Young Abel

For old and young alike, when Amy Block called us all to give thanks – there was a lot to be grateful for!  Over 70 people shared  excellent food,  joyful music, company of old and new acquaintances  – all within the  warm atmosphere of the Gabriola Golf Course.  It truly captured the essence of our community ” Lifting  our Spirits – Living in Ceremony”.

Music by Paul Gellman and friends enlivened the atmosphere, and the intimacy of the Clubhouse contributed to the fellowship and gathering of old friends and  building new relationships.  

Golf Club staff Ev and Bev was very much appreciated freeing many of our GES members to enjoy the celebration also.   Giving big thanks to the Boulton’s who for the 14th year  donated  the turkeys,  and to the cooks, Anne Sims and Maureen and Jim Bowman and all those who peeled potatoes, made salads and vegetable dishes, gravy, desserts and for all the extras that made it a wonderful feast. A variety of  apples from Ravenskill Orchards  adorned each table adding to the festive atmosphere.  Community support continued as all the remaining turkey was taken to PHC to become delicious soup. GES would like to extend a warm thanks for all that attended and making this a special evening.  

The evening wrapped up with all joining in on  the chorus of the song – Get Together by the Young Bloods. ”

“Come on people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now”

Hope you see you again next year!