Harold R Johnson, Presenter of the GES October 27th program titled “Changing the Stories We Tell Ourselves”, died in Toronto on Feb. 9th 2022, surrounded by his loving family.  Immediately following the GES presentation he travelled to Toronto to participate in an experimental treatment for his Phase 4 Lung Cancer. It was decided in Toronto however, that they’d done all they could for him. 

Harold’s presentation on Gabriola was very popular, well received and inspiring.  In addition to Harold’s own story of how he lived his life and how he was influenced by the changing stories he kept telling himself about his life, he challenged us to think about the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives, about the communities in which we live, and the culture in which we thrive…or not! 

Those of us who heard his presentation and have read his books were inspired by hearing of the major contributions Harold has made to the society in which he lived and thrived.  We were also challenged to become agents of change wherever we live and thrive. 

more information on his life and work.