Seven Sessions were presented on Archdeacon Ellen Clark-Kings (Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver), book titled The Path to Your door: approaches to Christian Spirituality by Six different presenters.

Archdeacon Ellen Clark-King
February 14th:

Archdeacon Ellen Clark-King , author of the book,” The Path to your door: Approaches to Christian Spirituality” began this program with an overview of her book on different approaches to Christian spirituality. She writes that we have to find our own spiritual path and know that how we pray or what path we might take can change over time. Ellen has said there is no “best” or “better” approach to either prayer or to God and being consciously in the presence of God is a worthy goal. February 21st and 22nd are the dates for the second and third sessions of this 7 session program.

Rev. Dr. Linda St. Claire
February 21st,

“The Word” and is based on the first chapter of the path to your door with an emphasis on the scriptural texts as an avenue to explore. Pslams, the Ignation approach, Lectio divina and other resources will be tried and discussed.

Feb 27th
will be the awakening of spirituality through silence. The challenge to be still and Know I am God will be studied and experienced. Works ranging from Thomas Merton and Meister Eckhart to Zen Masters will be referenced.


Rev Rohanna Laing
March 6, 2012

will be guiding this weeks program.”Human creativity” writes Ellen “enriches and enlivens our own spiritual journey” This session will give us the opportunity to look at our own creativity as an avenue to a closer relationship to the Divine.


The Rev. Shelagh Huston
March 13

This session will give us an opportunity to consider a range of approaches and exercises to expand our ways of praying, focusing and knowing how much support we have by expanding our prayer life in new ways.

The Rev. Dr. Adela Torcia
March 20, 2012

The mystery of how one approaches union with the Divine has been seen often through the experiences of mystics such as Evelyn Underhill, Teresa of Avila and Julian Norwich. Adela will guide us through this approach.

Rev. Anne Privett
March 27:2012

will guide us on how the wilderness can help us focus on our spiritual journey as it has many others. This can be found in many forms in nature but also there is a wilderness in our cities as well.

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Book Review:

Douglas Todd from the Vancouver Sun has written a review on the book which can be found here.