On May 27, Pearl Gervais shared a full day with us at the Haven here on Gabriola to present an “Introduction to the Enneagram” workshop.  The room in Phoenix Hall was ideal for this intimate group. 

Pearl began by drawing a circle on the board and explaining that the circle represents unity, meaning that all of us have all of the nine Enneagram types in us.  She showed how the circle is split into three segments with three types in each: Head types, Gut types, and Heart types.  She further described how each of us will have a tendency towards one of these segments, but that we all use all three in life situations and problem solving. 

Next Pearl asked us to consider nine groups of adjectives and select the set that best described your life so far and a second and third set that you would next choose.  She had folks get up and move into groups with common first choices. 

Pearl selected the largest group and casually described how those characteristics may have manifested in their lives.  By asking questions of the participants and sharing stories, people learnt which type was associated with the set of adjectives they had chosen.  This activity of questioning and sharing moved about the room as each of the nine enneagram types was illuminated.  

Only after all the types were described and people shifted themselves to better align with the one that best resonated for them did Pearl then give out the numbers that the Enneagram assigns to each of the types.  For greater clarity, Pearl then asked us to answer some reflection questions individually.

After lunch, a more descriptive set of adjectives was presented identified with each of the nine types.  Using this list of idealized self-image and core fears, people were asked to self-select one from each of the Heart, Head and Gut groupings that best fit themselves.  Pearl asked individuals to share their three and gave some insight into how those three types may interact in their lives.  While this helped some to better clarify their personal type choice, others felt more time was needed to elucidate their Enneagram patterns. 

For further information, Pearl recommended the Enneatype on-line test by Katherine Fauvre.  https://www.katherinefauvre.com/enneagramtritypetest