You have no idea how glad I am that I went to go see Gary Dillon at the Net Loft. But before I talk about the event, I want to share what took place before he even arrived. As Amy, John, (I can’t remember the other ladies name) and myself were setting up the seating area, we all were blessed to see a full size rainbow spanning the whole bay in front of the Net loft. What a beautiful way to start off, what would be an amazing event.

I’ve been living on Gabriola Island since the beginning of 2010, and I never heard of Gary Dillon, didn’t even know he lived here on Gabiola! So, as he introduced himself, I was surprised to hear his teachings were based from Hawaii, which I was told, by another healer, I need to go there…. coincidence? Oh, this whole night was filled with them. So, I settled in and with my mind like a sponge, opened up to soak in his wisdom.

He immediately captured my attention with his warm, heartfelt greeting of the Hawaiian people. From there, he gracefully walked in a large circle, I could not only see it in his eyes, but also I felt his compassion, his caring for everyone there, which elevated me to a new level of trust. He explained a lot about his Ireland origins, where he grew up in “insert US state” and what brought him to the Hawaiian Islands where he was influenced by their many different spiritual practices. In sharing his two very different cultures that were, in a lot of ways, oil and water, brought them together through his ancestors. How they had a great roll, and sometimes were present and acknowledged not only his personal life choice, but dancing and paintings as well.  Which included the art of harmony, grace and kindness. For instance, after talking for nearly 2 hours, he stopped and acknowledged Amy’s gift of a glass of water, which shifted the whole rooms energy. It’s like everything he was talking about, up until that point, came to a head with that one act of kindness. An ancestor whispered in her ear….he needs water.

To sum things up, yes we are connected to our ancestors, but we need acknowledge them more. Give thanks to them on a daily bases because once we acknowledge, choose and allow them into our live….we’re truly not alone.

One last thing I’d like to share with you on a personal growth/ awareness I had listening to Gary. I have been on this path of self aware/ connecting to source for 25 years. In 2009 I hit a wall and have not been able to move forward. I moved to Gabriola in the beginning of 2010, where I took time to center myself.  Because I was frustrated and pissed and kept chasing the carrot of the “why’s”?!? So, instead of continuing down that rabbit hole, I instead practiced patience, letting go, and divine timing, and what better place to do exactly that! Well, it paid off! As Gary went into detail about our Ancestors, it hit me like a ton of bricks. My mom is of European origins, while my father is Chippewan. No need to go into that. In the 25 years I’ve been searching for answers, it’s souly had been on my native background, I have totally ignored my English Ancestors. So now, for the first time in 12 years, I’ve felt that longing of inspiration and now a direction to my destination!

On behalf of everyone that was there Gary, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time and energy you put into sharing your stories and wisdom. We look forward to meeting up with you again to hear the rest of your journey.