On Saturday, November 12th, 21 of us gathered together for a six hour experiential workshop journeying through the chakra system, with Jennie Shillingford leading the way. 

The day started with a Zoom visit with Fran Correa, a multi-talented musician from Toronto who described the sounds that relate to each chakra. Fran led us in sounding the chakras, assisted by Paul Gellman, while Brenda Gaertner played her crystal bowls. 

Next we had a group discussion about the first seven chakras, with a visual representation of the chakras identifying the relevant colours and qualities that each chakra represents. 

We partnered up to learn and share the experience of chakra balancing. Using small pendulums, we held them over each chakra point to find areas of balance and imbalance, and perhaps inform ourselves of the ultimate balance within each of us. 

A short yoga practice incorporating partner and chair yoga once again directed attention to each chakra, ending in a brief silent meditation.  A delicious pot luck lunch followed, with teas, tonics and smoothies for each of the seven chakras.  

After lunch, we continued to explore the lesser known higher chakras, followed by a chakra-guided meditation to close the session. It was a powerful and enlightening experience, and we all gained insight and awareness of the power of chakra focus in terms of healing, grounding and growth.   

Thanks to the generosity of the group, this event resulted in a sizeable donation to the Tibetan Nuns Project.