Maureen Wild presented an Educational DVD Series: JOURNEY OF THE UNIVERSE  … with Discussion

Those attending had either read the book Journey of the Universe by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker or watched the film which was shown on three different occasions at the local Roxy (see below).

In addition to watching segments of the DVD’s Maureen captured the interest of those attending with her variety  of visual teaching tools.

The goal of this educational series is to:

  • reflect on an elaboration of the evolutionary story by scientists as this is also integrated with the sections of the Journey of the Universe film.
  • explore how this epic story is informing the ways in which we are creating a vibrant and sustainable Earth community. The implications for ecology, economics, agriculture, urban living, art, psychology and race are explored.

Description: Journey of the Universe Film

Explore the biggest questions with acclaimed cosmologist and storyteller Brian Swimme.

Beautifully filmed on the Greek Island of Samos, Swimme weaves a poetic story about the unfolding universe and humanity’s evolving place in it.  Journey’s rich narrative combines scientific discovery and ancient wisdom traditions to provide compelling insights into this unique story of the universe.

Big science, big history, big culture, the Journey of the Universe was created by a team of acclaimed scientists, scholars, and filmmakers.

Companion book, Journey of the Universe, is available on

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35 people attended the viewing of the exciting film: JOURNEY OF THE UNIVERSE : 2011 on November 3rd@The Roxy which was presented by Maureen Wild.

A thought provoking discussion, led by Maureen, followed with many expressing an interest in attending the continuation of this  series in January.

For those who were unable to attend the first showing,  Maureen arranged for a second on Nov 26th 7-8:30 @ The Roxy.  In the midst of a torrential rainstorm another 18 attended and again a discussion followed with much interest expressed in continuing this exploration.