On Thursday February 02 2012  Shelagh Huston and Friends  hosted  a most amazing evening presentation. The Commons was packed with a wide variety of people  of all ages, all eager to hear from an inspiring panel who each individually shared the  story of their own personal journey to the heart.

The facilitator for the workshop, Shelagh Huston, said,

“I’m so delighted that a diverse group of islanders, from both eclectic individual paths and formal religious traditions, has been willing to step forward and share their personal journeys – a scary prospect for most of us! I hope this will provide all of us with food for thought, and perhaps bread for the journey that each of us takes in finding wholeness, meaning, and connectedness.”

On the journey to the heart, there are many pathways, and even if the path isn’t currently being practiced here on Gabriola, it’s probably been tried once or twice! Through the sharing of this sampling of Gabriola’s heart-based practitioners we all became aware of  the common threads of our diverse approaches to making ourselves and, in turn, our world a better place.

The Ecumenical Society’s  hope is that we offer a safe space to share ideas, experiences, feelings and thoughts, and to help find words for matters of ultimate meaning. By the enthusiastic sharing and discussion which followed this certainly did happen on this very special evening.


Many, many thanks to our  panel which included Mary Aitken, Tim Bruns, Janet Lironi, Andre Nobels, Anne Sims, Diana Rose, and Maureen Wild.