The Gabriola Ecumenical Society thanks this creative and enthusiastic group of six who brought a night of “Joyful sound of the Spirit” to the crowd of about 65 people who attended the Sunday nights performance at the Roxie!

Native drums and flutes, didgeridoos, harmonium and singing bowls accompanied by Farsi chanting, audience participation with call and response chanting, and story telling all contributed to a unique presence of spirit.  

It began with Amir Haghighi,  whose heartfelt prayer and passionate song  mesmerized the crowd.  In  a clear, strong operatic voice, Amir  sang in both Arabic and Farsi. He also added a traditional drum to enhance the rhythmic beat of the  song.

We were then  treated to the haunting, deep drone and  calls of the digeridoo. James Martin carved his instrument out of found beach wood  after exchanging Australia for the Salish Sea.  James noted that it took  8 years for the perfect piece to show itself and  shared that he  also uses his digeridoo for sound healing. 

Nancy Kaasay Waters sang and shared the lightness  and angelic sounds and healing power of her crystal bowls. This,  as we relaxed deeper into a contemplative and quite space that was emerging.  This continued as MaaRolie engaged us in call and response chants to deepen our connection and appreciation of self – accompanied by a Harmonium – an instrument that closely mimics the human breath.  Her spirit and joy coming forward in an infectious manner.  

Willie Thrasher drew us in with his love of story, accented by his Native drum at the perfect time – as we sat on the edge of our seat in anticipation of the next turn. He injected humour and laughter into the evening as we waited with baited breath to know the ending of the story – an unexpected twist!

The mood stilled as we were treated to peaceful melodies on Gary Badke’s hand-carved wooden flutes, and we could feel the music in our soul.  To top the evening,  a spontaneous jam with all the musicians weaving their voices and instruments together in unison to help the spirit guide our way home.

Thank you, Gary Badke for orchestrating this amazing experience.