A Woman Named Julian
Saturday, March 12 2016
United Church  2600 South Road

cr_julianIn 14th Century England, in a small town named ‘Norwich’ a very ill young woman had a religious experience that transformed her life and her understanding of the Holy. Immediately after the event she wrote it down as much as she could. For the next twenty years she reflected on her experience and developed a spirituality and a theology. When the tradition challenged some of her insights, she held fast to what she had come to know – she claimed her experience.

For hundreds of year her voice was silent as her text remained unknown. In the last forty years or so, her voice has broken through the silence and she is gifting us to new understandings of what it means to be human, a new understanding of Divine, and the action of God in our lives. Thomas Merton wrote that he would give up all of the Spanish mystics for the writings of Julian of Norwich.

Together we will come to hear the words of Julian, to pray with them and allow them to transform us.

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