Another successful sold out event with Lama Losang Samten!   On June 7th , at the Roxy Theatre,  we had the pleasure of viewing a Madame Secretary episode that Lama Losang Samten not only appeared  in –  but was instrumental as a cultural advisor to the show. 

Lama Losang Samten, originally from Tibet and now in Philadelphia has come to our lovely island for the second time (and is planning a third)!  We have Raine and Dennis Evans to thank as well as the Ecumenical Society, the Netloft, and various volunteers that worked to make this happen. 

In the spirit of the Fires of Transformation, the last event for the Ecumenical Society theme for the year,  Lama Losang did a Green Tara Retreat on the  June 9-11 weekend for the protection of all the sufferings we experience in the world. 

All proceeds after expenses were given to Lama Losang and the charities he supports.  Lama Losang donated 15% of this to food bank on Gabriola Island. 

We look forward to seeing Lama Losang Samten on our island in the future!