This 9th  presentation in our GES Lifting the Spirit Theme for 2017-2018 was truly an outstanding experience. 

“Spending a few days with Lama Losang is a delightful experience. He gently weaves the profound teachings of the Dharma, with his own personal stories, the practice of hand mudras, visualization of the Green Tara symbol of compassion, and the chanting of the Tara mantra.

All is  accompanied by his infectious laughter, playful teaching style, and humility. He reminds us that respect is for the teachings, not the teacher, and, most important on the way to enlightenment ( ie seeing our mind clearly)- Rejoice!!”

Many, many thanks to the Ecumenical Society for providing this amazing opportunity to connect with the wisdom of a Tibetan Lama right here on Gabriola!


All who attended left with lifted  spirits and a deep desire to fill the world with more of the joy experienced during the retreat.

Losang Samten has been sharing teachings of loving kindness, joy and compassion, as well as the path to enlightment for almost thirty years. Losang was personal attendant to the Dalai Lama prior to moving to the US and is currently the Spiritual Director of several Buddhist Centres in North America.  

We were pleased that over 60 participants enjoyed the teachings abd  retreat put together by Lama Losang Sampten.  Gabriola is indeed fortunate to have had  Losang’s  wisdom and zest for life imparted to us for the past three years and we are looking forward to a return visit in 2019.

The following are some personal remarks by those who attended:

“I found this amazing event very exciting personally as so many of the teachings resound very deeply with my Catholic faith tradition.   Losang is truly  amazing as he continually encourages us to relate his teachings to our own belief systems. Amazing to me how they flow along size by side joining into one stream much of the time.”
~ Del

“I found the Sunday Dorje Namjum Purification Ritual a very “humbling, cleansing and spiritually healing experience where I  felt totally blessed and fully “supported”  by all my fellow retreatants.

In this ritual prayers are chanted, and offerings are made to purify all forms of negativity illnesses and pollution”.
~ Lorna

“The full retreat was a true breaking down of walls and a joining of humanity with all of our diverse belief systems.”  
~ Anniken 

“Losang was able to create harmony and community in his informative, warm and accepting way and I left feeling very uplifted.”

We look forward to continuing this journey with Lama Losang Samten in the years to come. 

Big thanks to the organizers Denis and Raine Evans.  Thanks also to our volunteers Colleen, Debra, Jaki, and Darlen and everyone who helped to make this happen and move us deeper into our spiritual journey!