“Very good!  Five very good presenters from very different experiences of spiritual questing, questing for meaning in life and freedom of Spirit, discovering meaning and still discovering …” said one of twenty five other participants who joined together at the Netloft  Sunday afternoon  to hear personal journeys of “Finding the Sacred.”

Although ten minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, it was amazing how—in that short time frame—each presenter was able to give an insightful, powerful and thought-provoking glimpse into their respective sacred journeys.

Thank you to Tsiporah Grignon, Dennis Evans, Heather Menzies, Owen McCooey, and Pandit Tejomaya for sharing their journeys with us!

After the presentations, there was some sharing and the event ended with a short meditation in the peaceful setting of the Net Loft.  Birds cheerily singing outside adding to the atmosphere!  

“Thank You to Owen for a lovely Sunday afternoon with such caring people” noted by another participant!