Our 15th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, held on Sunday Oct 14, 2018, was truly an evening of Unity in all of our Diversity as 70 Gabriola Ecumenical Society members and their guests gathered to “Give Thanks” and share and enjoy food and fellowship.

The tables were colorful and looked beautiful with thanks to the golf course staff who did an excellent job of both decorating and catering.   Nature’s brilliant autumn leaves and the fall sunshine added to the décor of the room.  Anniken made an absolutely gorgeous flower arrangement for raffling, the proceeds of $155.00  going to the PHC school food program. 

The evening’s atmosphere was very warm and uplifting as members at the door and the musicians welcomed us upon arrival.  We began with a glorious circle, all holding hands, as we reflected upon the many blessings we have received and sharing HOW we each show thanks in the world.

A special blessing was given to all gathered as we continue to traverse our ecumenical journey together, some who have been following this path for many years and some of us who  have newly arrived . There were no barriers in the room.

What a great sense of community as we  shared an abundance of homey  holiday food offers brought  by all to enjoy.  A Special thanks to Sue and Eric Boulton who once again gifted us with two large delicious turkeys (that’s 30 turkeys in 15 years!) and to Corinne and  Maureen who cooked and carved them. Also to Betty Schultz for the turkey she cooked and brought.

The Spirit was truly flowing freely. The music played by our talented musicians, led by Paul Gellman, made this a complete festive event. The joyful  music had many people singing and the spontaneous dancing was a sheer delight. Many thanks!

Thank you to our organizers, Carol Hemrich and Amy Block and to everyone who helped make this special evening happen. It was extra memorable for many!

The following day the leftovers were delivered to PHC and were  used to create food for the Monday Breakfast Bunch.

What a wonderful evening to give thanks and acknowledge our gratitude.  We are truly blessed in our Gabriola Island Community.