submitted by Anniken DeLissa

2010 Lion's 3This year  we had over 30 lusty voices joining in harmony to bring ‘comfort and joy’ to various members of our community who are unable to leave their homes.We assembled at the Lions Garden Homes at 6:10 pm. 

After a short address and thank you to Jill Marsh from the Anglicans, we began our performance with four carols.

We next drove in convoy style to several homes where we gathered and sang to those present who  seemed very heartened to receive such personal treatment.

Caroling with Care In total we visited five homes ending up at the south end of the island where we were greeted by Sue and Eric Boulton, and enjoyed pastries and mugs of hot chocolate.

2010 Boulton's foodHere we celebrated the birthdays of Sue Boulton and Jill Marsh with Jill’s favorite desert!


I believe everyone who participated and sang with such exuberance enjoyed the evening and the spirit of giving as much as those who received our seasonal offering.