We are all connected in this world. As individuals, as community and as we create reciprocal relationships with our natural environment. We are all connected in this world.

That is why the tragic deaths of our friends Marc and Chris last week and the multiple deaths that so many of us have experienced over the last month hurts us all so much. We have been profoundly impacted and seriously shaken, perhaps, even without understanding how or why or what. Many of us step gently on the earth right now, unsure which direction we need to turn and, ultimately where we are going. This month, then, is an opportunity to regather ourselves and sit in quietude to re-find our centre and re-establish our divinity through mind body and spirit.

In Tejomaya’s message last Sunday he referred to the process of harmonizing the integration of mind, body and spirit. We need to experience it through all levels of our being, before we can even take action (Karma). This he says reinforces the idea of our actions as a constant practice of divine. And, he says, we are ALL divine beings!

So… what’s coming up in our world this month that provides the opportunity for us to do this?

  1. Sunday, March 27th was the first night of Passover in the Jewish faith. That evening Jews throughout the world will be gathering together to retell the story of the Israelites Exodus from slavery in Egypt to ultimate freedom and a chance to flourish in the Promised Land! A celebration of FREEDOM!
  2. Sunday, April 4th was Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and a reminder that we are all one within God’s spirit and that we all have a divine essence.
  3. The Islamic festival of Ramadan begins on Tuesday, April 13 and continues until Wednesday May 12. It is a time for fasting, praying, reflecting, being alone and with community. Self-accountability is the focus. Isn’t that exactly what we’re talking about??

Maureen Wild is providing another opportunity for us this coming month, with a sharing about the life of Hildegard of Bingen. With Maureen we will explore Hildegard’s scholarly presence, her mystical visionary approach, her focus on healing through music, herbology, literature, science and theology and her significance for our times.  Hildegard is a beautiful inspiration that reminds us that “we are divinity incarnate” as suggested by Tejomaya. Let’s continue on that path of accessing our own divine being.

How do you find that place for yourself? What feeds your mind, your body and your spirit? When you’re suffering what is your “go to” place? Maybe you know enough to go for a walk (body), or write in your journal (mind), or meditate in seclusion (spirit). What are you noticing about your own “Karmic expression’ during times such as these?

Please share…