For those of us unable to attend this beautiful event Pandit Tejomaya submitted the following report

“To a mystic, mysticism is not mystical; it is as natural as opening your eyes.”  So began a day of exploration in the vast lineage of mystics from India.

Tejomaya meditatingPandit Tejomaya, a priest in the 5,000 year old lineage of Himalayan Masters, led us with contemplative stories, inspiring stories to offer a glimpse of what is possible for liberated beings who are no longer bound by human trappings.

From around 5,000 BC, the great sage Vashistha gave first-hand insight into the nature of mind, the nature of Divine creation and the universe, and the clear path to liberation of the soul.

From 2,000 BC, the many apparent “powers” of a siddhi yogi, such as levitation, are described with detailed instructions. Tejomaya led us through the steps of how to become invisible, but we all apparently need a bit more practice.

The stories of the mystics of old are tremendously inspiring, but mysticism and mystics walk among us today – Neem Karoli Baba, Swami Veda Bharati, Sri Siddhi Ma, Swami Ma Seva – as Tejomaya also shared stories from his own life with living Himalayan Masters: stories of mind reading, stories of time travel, stories raising from the dead.

The day’s inspiration ended with stories of Issa who, as commonly held to be true in India, lived and studied in India and the region from age 13 until he was 30 when he returned to his home land, where he was known as Jesus.  When viewed from perspective of the Indian mystics, the life of Jesus makes refreshing sense!

Tejomaya ended the day with a vedic rendering of Jesus’ mystical teaching,  the Beatitudes.

Blessed are you who have loosed yourself from the fetters of desire, possession, and attachment, for you will walk with complete freedom, unwaveringly experiencing the Truth of undifferentiated Divine Consciousness.

Blessed are you who cry out incessantly to be reunited with your Divine Self, for you will be comforted by the One who can never be separated from You.

Blessed are you who have mastered your ego through the unification of your finite self and your infinite Self, for you will inherit oneness with all of creation.

Blessed are you whose desires and passions have been reduced to a single, burning point – to know the Divine – for your consciousness will be filled with True Knowledge.

Blessed are you who have so purified your thoughts that your only possible reaction to all of life is love, for pure love will surround you and infuse the subtlest aspects of your being.

Blessed are you who have diligently cleansed your heart of its stains – fear, desire, hatred, selfishness, ignorance – for your view of the Divine will no longer be obscured.

Blessed are you whose inner being has become a temple of tranquility, radiating peace, peace, and only peace to all the created world, for you will be called the created force of Divine essence.

Blessed are you whose Devotion to Truth and Right Knowledge has been tested and purified in the fires of worldly ignorance, for your consciousness will remain forever in union with your Divinity.

And blessed are you whose Devotion endures the inner persecution of the mind which, by habit of fear and ignorance, sends forth evil thought-words against you.  Rejoice in Bliss, because you will transcend this falseness to dwell in your Divine Nature just as the numberless Devotees who have gone before you.
You are Divinity incarnate on earth, but if you allow the stains of the world and of your past to cloud your awareness of Who You Are, how will you live up to your creation-potential?  That is not helpful.

You are a Being of Light in a world that suffers from the darkness of ignorance.  Do not hide Who You Are, but let the light of your Divine Consciousness shine for all the created world so the eyes of the blind will open with undifferentiated vision to the Divine Source of all that is.