Our senses are exploding with the gifts of Spring in May! The trees send vibrant colours through. Buds take their time to open and colourize our world. The sky stays bluer longer and the clouds become friendly and playful. Our breath allows us to inhale the fragrances that abound and our skin softens with the gentle touch of sunshine.

The month is called “May”. It is believed that one of the inspirations for this month’s name refers to The Greek Goddess, Maia and literally means “great mother”. The month of May welcomes a rebirth in many ways. In the animal kingdom, typically, babies are born. Have you seen the eagles hatching all over our island? Baby deer wander around, acclimating themselves to their new world. The sun revitalizes and brings more warmth and comfort.

Nurturing the spirit in times such as these leads us to follow through with our welcoming of life in Spring. May brings enchantment with its’ seasonal changes. Movement happens in areas of expansion, rebirth and possibilities of spiritual growth.

“Our task”, says Albert Einstein, “must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its’ beauty.”

So…for this month let’s focus on being in Nature, appreciating the miracle of the world in which we live and breathing in the energies of our own spiritual pursuits and that which makes us feel whole.