Gabriola Ecumenical Society

Encouraging and Nurturing Spiritual Questing

This Year’s Theme

Celebrating 20 Years of Spiritual Questing, Welcoming Future Growth

Gabriola Ecumenical Society

The Gabriola Ecumenical Society encourages and nurtures spiritual questing.

Our programs invite exploration of traditional and contemporary ideas found in the wisdom of religious traditions, spiritual paths and the sciences.

The Gabriola Ecumenical Society fosters an inclusive community. We welcome all people to explore the challenges of our times with imagination, creativity, respect and compassion for all creation.

Upcoming Events

Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat with Lama Losang Samten

Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat with Lama Losang Samten

Jun 21, 2024 - Jun 23, 2024    
6:00 pm - 4:30 pm
$0.00 - $280.00
The       Gabriola Ecumenical Society is excited to announce that Lama Losang Samten will return to lead a meditation retreat on Gabriola at [...]

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Ecumenical is derived from the Greek word Oikoumene, which means the whole inhabited world; in this sense, the Gabriola Ecumenical Society embraces all expressions of spirituality.

Spiritual connection is a universally human trait, though practices vary around the world and even among individuals of the same belief system. GES has always looked to Unity in Diversity and Spiritual Inclusivity as guideposts in our programming.