gabriola forestPandit Tejomaya believes we do not need to travel far to find sacred ground for spiritual pilgrimages. Last year, he created his own sacred walks on Gabriola and this year he invited others to join him on these meditation journeys. We began and ended our silent walks at Rollo McClay Park Sunday mornings from July 19 to September 20.

Silence sharpens and magnifies the senses. Bird song becomes sharp and clear; moaning fir, cedar and maple trees intrude upon the stillness; blackberry vines rake loose clothing.

spiritual-gangWe walked south through wooded trails and quiet roads until we came out mid island at North Road. Some people who only wanted to do half of the walk left or joined us at this intersection. From here, we crossed North Road to join the 707 trails leading back to Rolly/McClay Park.

At the end of our journey, we broke silence over a vegetarian lunch laid out on a multicoloured picnic blanket. Pandit Tejomaya provided wraps with fresh vegetables, home made hummas and gritty mustard. Others contributed salad, fruit and chocolate.

On our last walk, we encouraged Pandit Tejomaya to continue leading these silent pilgramages. I welcome these restorative walks in the company of fellow spiritual travellers and watch for news of the next journeys with Pandit Tejomaya.

submitted by Deborah Trca