Past Events

of the Gabriola Ecumenical Society

2022-23 | Embracing One Truth… Many Paths

Tibetan Meditation Retreat with Lama Losang Samten
Bookclub: Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants
Giving Thanks dinner
Exciting Meet-the-Author Pop-Up Book Club
Journey into the Chakras - A Playful Exploration
From Hawaii to Gabriola: Story and Kinship
GES Spiritual Bookclub - Spiritwalker, Messages from the Future by Hank Wesselman
Let's Go Caroling!
The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book by Jane Roberts - Rescheduled

2021-22 | Nurturing Spiritual Awareness in times such as these

Cancelled - St. Francis of Assisi with Maureen Wild
Gabriola Ecumenical Society Giving Thanks Dinner
Changing the Story We Tell Ourselves
Annual General Meeting
Spiritual Book Club
GES Christmas Carolling
Book Club - Event is Postponed - Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good
'The Voice of . . .'
Book club - Reclaiming the Commons For the Common Good
Demystifying Hawaiian Spirituality

2020-21 | Spirit in Action in times such as these

Vibrational Belonging and Wholeness
Annual General Meeting
Community Zoom Christmas Carolling Event
World Day of Prayer
Spirit in Action with Pandit Tejomaya
Beginning | Personal Pilgrimage with Karen Hollis
Walking | Personal Pilgrimage with Karen Hollis
Coming Home | Personal Pilgrimage with Karen Hollis

2019-20 | Spirit in Action: Healing Ourselves, our Community, and our Earth

Vibrational Belonging Begins Sunday
Launching Our 2019-2020 Theme!
Annual Giving Thanks Dinner
GES Annual General Meeting
Living Dances, Ancient Roots
"Becoming Nobody" - A new film on Ram Dass
A Spiritual Travelogue to the Lands of Hildegard of Bingen and Francis of Assisi
Christmas Caroling
Reclaiming Dance for our Spirit - simple, ancient dances
You've Got a Friend: A Festival of Jewish and Gabriolish Arts, Words and Music

2018-19 | The Spirit Flows Freely

Joyful Sounds For the Spirit
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
2018 GES Annual General Meeting
Light to the World
Spirit Flows Through Poetry and Music
Season of Joy Caroling With Care
Unsung Hero of Compassion
Song of Imbolc Sacred Sound Journey
Presence through Sounding and Chanting
Community Passover Dinner - tickets have sold out

2017-18 | Lifting Our Spirits, Living in Ceremony

Innvocations : A Community Chanting
'Giving Thanks' Potluck with Music
Lifting Our Spirits Through Ceremonies of Remembrance
Lifting our Spirits Caroling with the Home Bound
Innvocations : A Community Chanting
Invocations: Community Chanting
Lifting the Spirit: Finding the Sacred   
World Day of Prayer
Invocations: Community Chanting
Community Passover Seder

2016-17 | Fires of Transformation … and the greatest of these is Love

Love Manifesto For Gabriola
Music and Poetry on Love
Loving Presence During Tough Times
Caroling With Care
Mantra to Fire and Love
Music and Poetry With and For our Loved Ones
Eating as a Practice of Love and Care-for earth, seeds, animals, local farmers, community,family and self
All Beings Confluence with artist Martha Cole
Annual General Meeting
Retreat on Love

2015-16 | A walk on the Mystical Side

Sacred Island Walks
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
Sufi Mystics: Rumi & Hafiz
The Mystics of India
Season of Joy Caroling with Care
The Life and Mysticism Of Teilhard
The Francis Effect: Is Pope Francis a game-changer?
Teilhard as Mystic Book Study
Peace Dove Creations followed by Taize Chant
Julian of Norwich


The Dalai Lama and a Commitment to Compassion; an Evening with Victor Chan
Thomas Berry (1914-2009) His Legacy Carries On
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
Put Peace into Each Other's Hands
Caroling With Care
Jean Vanier and L'Arche: A Special Way to Live
Contemplative Chant into the First Day of Spring
Annual General Meeting
Introduction to Sacred Island Walks

2013-14 | Bridges for the Spirit

Beyond Belief: A Direct Experience of God
Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
Soup and the Spirit - Session One: Circle of Trust: A Time for Sharing
Dark Matter: A Conversation Through Dementia
Season of Joy Caroling
Christmas Season Taize Evening
Soup and the Spirit: Jesus and Buddha, Paths to Awakening
Inner Worlds Outer Worlds
Linnea Good and David Jonsson In Concert
Iona - Celtic Christianity and Connecting to all Creation


2012 Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
Caroling with Care
The Cosmic Pilgrim A Spiritual Exploration of the New Story
World Day of Prayer
Taize: Love Notes From God
2013 Spring Forum: Hildegard of Bingen
In the Beginning was the Spirit: Science, Religion and Indigenous Spirituality
Taize at the Labyrinth on Gabriola Commons
Annual Summer Picnic Tuesday, July 23th

2009-10 | Spiritual Adventures

Cantical to the Cosmos and to Consciousness Evolving. (6 sessions)
6th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
Visit to a Sikh Temple in Nanaimo
Taize evening at the United Church
Director for a Ugandan Aid Organization visits Gabriola
Forum: Forgiveness Retreat
7th Annual Summer Picnic


Spiritual Homecoming to Earth and Cosmos
Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
Introduction to Various Meditation Practices: Christian, Vipassana, Zen and Yoga
Christmas caroling to various homes
What it Means to Be a Sikh | Kay Manhas
What is Baha’i  | Iolanda  Khaza & Robert Mortimer
Spirituality Through The Arts | Forum
Spiritual Adventures of Rev. Rohanna Laing
Summer BQ Picnic and Sing-A-Long


Islam Faith
Thanksgiving Dinner
Living a Jewish Life
Christmas caroling to Shut-Ins
Plays: Glass Bottle & Moon People
Inner Peace To World Peace Forum
Instruments of Peace
Summer Picnic and Sing-A-Long


Living and Working in a Muslim Country
Wisdom of the Heart: Introduction to Cynthia Bourgeault
Women in the Bible: A Heritage Renewed
A Generation without AIDS
Christmas caroling to Shut-Ins
Christians and Climate Change
Meeting Jesus –  Do we dare?  Forum
Salish Spirituality
Instruments of Peace
Summer picnic and Sing-a-Long

2005-06 | Searching Spirituality

Open House: What We Are all About
Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
History of the Church at the Time of the Reformation | Sr Pat Brady, Theologian and Benedictine Sister
Ageing and Saging – New Vision of Growing Older  |  Fran McIninch
Christmas caroling to Shut-Ins
Presentation and Discussion on Matthew Fox | Ted  Brydges
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Mardi Gras | David and Shelagh
A Generation without AIDS  | DVD and Discussion
Zen in Everyday Life : A Conversation w Buddhists | Robbie Huston and Mary Wilson
A Life Helping Prisoners, Poor and Marginalized People |  Trefor Williamson
An Evening Discussing Relevant Spiritual Questions of the Day
Gabriola Churches discuss their stand on Ecumenism
Nicene Creed  | Dr. Bill Crockett
Summer picnic and Sing-a-Long

2004-05 | A New Beginning

Book Discussion “Pagan Christ”
Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction
Emerging Christianity in the 21st Century – Presentation on Marcus Borg
Christmas caroling
Appreciative inquiry | Discussion
Is Current Religion Serving It’s purpose? | Discussion
Book Discussion | Quantum Theology
“Purpose driven Life, What on Earth am I Hear for?
Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and early church history
Healing Touch | Elfie Hoist
What the Bleep do we Know? | Movie and Discussion