Year in Review 2004-2005

December 5, 2005

in 2005-2006, Year In Review

April 27 2004     Book Discussion “Pagan Christ”  by Tom Harpur  

oct        2004  Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction


Nov 2004           Presentation on Marcus Borg         Ted Brydges

Dec   2004    Christmas caroling

January 2005      Appreciative inquiry              Discussion

Feb 23  2005      Appreciative inquiry               Planning

April 27  2005     Book Discussion  :Quantum Theology’

may 2005          Is Current Religion Serving It’s purpose?  Discussion

May 27  2005     “Purpose driven Life, What on Earth am I Hear for?

                          Marianne and Alex Clarkson

June 2005          Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and early Church History

                            Chris Diamond

July 27 2005         Healing Touch       Elfie Hoist

August 24 2005    What the Bleep do we Know?  Movie and Discussion


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