Year in Review 2008-2009

December 4, 2009

in 2008-2009, Year In Review

September 18 2008     Spirituality and Homecoming presented by Maureen Wild

Oct 19 2008               Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction

Nov 27 2008               Introduction to Various Meditation Practices:

                                    Christian, Vipassana, Zen and Yoga 

Dec 2008                   Christmas caroling to various homes

January 22 2009          What it Means to Be a Sikh:        Kay Manhas

February 26, 2009       Baha’i Faith:          Iolanda  Khaza    Robert Mortimer

March       2009          Spirituality Through The Arts   Forum

                                 Lucia Gamroth, Ray McGinnis, Gerrit Verstraete

April 2009                  AGM

July 25                      Summer BQ Picnic and Sing  -A-Long 

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