Gabriola Ecumenical Society presents:
Iona – Recovering Our Celtic Spiritual Heritage
Wednesday, February 19 at 7pm
upstairs at The Commons

Iona   GES 001Iona, a haven of peace, calls to that deep inner being in all of us. Rev Linda St Clair is part of a team leading a pilgrimage to this small island off western Scotland this May. Interest and recognition of Iona has grown over the years resulting in ‘Iona Services’ being offered in many Christian churches on a regular basis.

So what calls us to find out about this tradition?  Is it the fact that its roots go back before the Christian era…… or perhaps because Celtic Christianity tries to bring us closer to mother earth and the connecting spirit between all things…… or just the fact that this tradition has endured and seems to offer a more personal connection to the creative life force of the universe?

If you would like to find out more about the “Creation honouring legacy of Celtic Christianity, a tradition that affirms the goodness and dignity of human life and the presence of the sacred throughout the natural world” please join Linda on Wednesday, February 19 at 7pm upstairs at The Commons for her talk and slideshow.