October 21, 2010 Reflections on Nurturing an Ecological Christianity

  Maureen Wild and her guest Margaret McIntyre, gave an excellent presentation at The Roxy for GES and members of the Gabriola Community. Some 30 people attended The title “Nurturing an Ecological Christianity” was designed to get everyone thinking. Maureen believes our human role and our Christian purpose in the world are ever on the cutting edge of something new; new ways of seeing, and new ways of being in love with our world and we are called to evolve and deepen our Christian identity as we experience the signs of our times.

Aided by the superb slide show we were encouraged to look at life through a new “lens”, a green one, and realize the interconnectedness of all life from tiny particles of cosmic dust to complex organisms like our universe. We looked at illustrations from the Bible and were made aware of the “greeness” of its message, in fact it could be called a “green Book”! The importance of each individual’s “story” was stressed especially as to how it colours our ‘lens’. Margaret, author of the book “Cosmic Pilgrim”, shared her story, of how she had come to this stage and view point in her life. This proved very useful in giving us a concrete model on which to reflect. Approximately 45 members attended this event. Maureen challenges us to nurture our ecological Christianity by her thought provoking presentations. We are grateful to have her in our community

Coordinated by Maureen