by Kes Arends

What a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon!  A group of wonderful women gathered in our Library to share readings and thoughts on the inspiring text of Richard Wagamese.  His book “Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditations” opened the door to deep conversation, sharing, and learning.  Guided by Lynette Jackson, the group was quickly drawn into the beautiful imagery, precious words, and poignant messages offered by Wagamese, winner of the BC Book Prize.

Lynette proposed an experiment, wherein each woman would simply open the book to any page and read aloud the offering there.  Digging into topics including Stillness, Gratitude, Trust, and Joy, we read and listened to each other. Though some were very familiar with the writings and others were new to the author, as we moved around the Circle, each reading brought greater sharing, encouragement, and inspiration.

Everyone was moved to consider ways to bring the words of this book into everyday life and their understanding of all that is — the oneness of humans, nature, and everything. Many were looking forward to bringing a copy of this text into their daily meditative practice.  One woman deeply familiar with the text gifted another with her copy.   We could have continued all evening, but when it was time to depart, our group of new friends left smiling and joyful.  This was a book club experience with a difference … it will make a difference.