The April 19 Community Seder at the golf course was a special, well attended event. What a joy to join in singing Rabbi Schlomo Carelebach’s “Return Again” in the opening, encouraging participants to “Return again to the place of your soul”. It was invigorating, too, to gather and sing together after so long!

Many of us learned for the first time about the ‘telling’ of the story of Passover from the Haggadah, which in Hebrew actually means “the telling”. It is the story of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, where they were slaves to the Pharoah, to Canaan (which later became Israel/Palestine) as a free people after wandering in the desert for 40 years. And we bring fresh meaning to the story by considering how are we slaves today and what do we need to become free?

A variety of people attended – some who engage in Jewish practice, some who are neophytes, and some who were just curious.  They came to the traditional Seder table and enjoyed the order of the ritual and various explanations of the Passover history.  The word “Seder” in Hebrew means “order”.

And the food. The food! Matzah, gefilte fish, several salads, chicken soup with matzoh balls, potato kugel, all were prepared by people who attended. Many had never even heard of some of the traditional Jewish foods and now they each even know how to prepare them! Yummy!

Thank you to Amy and Paul for organizing and facilitating the event, to Jennifer from the Golf Club for her excellent kitchen care, to all the people who cooked and to everyone who helped make the content of this Seder interesting and rich. Also thanks to the Gabriola Ecumenical Society for their sponsorship and support.

As we say to end the Seder: Next Year In Jerusalem!
John Gooding