Submitted by Maureen Wild

On March 22, 2015  over 65 Gabriolans streamed into the Netloft to experience a most delightful Sunday afternoon  contemplative time of sound and chant.

Vedic Chant was lead by Pandit Tejomaya with sitar accompaniment. One was aware of  gentle humming, or soft chanting along,  or deep silence of those sitting near us. We were also aware of  the backdrop life and sounds of Degnen Bay, with the foreground of  budding bushes, daffodils and grape hyacinth.

Midway in the program we appreciated a relatively silent intermission or simply speaking softly about the first experience of chant.

Then we were  introduced to Gregorian Chant-or plain chant- our next experience.  The voices of twelve women, chanting prayers and psalms in Latin, traditional plain chant from the Christian Tradition – perhaps taking some in the audience back to earlier life experiences, and certainly sharing with all of us the beauty of this form of prayer.  It was directed by Hiromi Bradshaw and was accompanied at times with keyboard and other times with Saburo’s inspired saxophone spirit.

‘Beauty’ was one of the words that arose from the audience, in gratitude to those who lead us in this sacred experience, and ‘peacefulness’ was another.  What great gifts to receive for our inner landscapes – beauty and peacefulness.

Diverse as we were in the audience – Hindu, Buddhist, Christian – it didn’t matter … [or perhaps it mattered a great deal!] as we could all share an extraordinary and special contemplative space together, sacred space with sound and chant whose vibrations resonated deeply within each us with the hospitality and grace of the moment.