“Spring, being a tough act to follow, God created June.” Al Bernstein

So… here we are, in June. We’re looking towards the light as our days grow longer and in just a short while we will have the longest day of the year! Nights with darkness get shorter. We get to experience our nourishing Gabriola outdoors, for hours longer. The birds start singing earlier and the sun sets later and there’s more time for creative expression. How do we embrace what our earth has to give us, then?

Let us take time to reflect this month, as June symbolizes the completion of the first half of our year.  Some say that June brings forth laughter, joy and excitement as the light energy integrates towards unity and compassion. Love of self, family and friends and opening up to the possibilities that could be, all are reminders of how we rely on each other and how together we sustain our strength and hope for our universe.

How do YOU remain spiritually aware? What inspires your creative expression? With whom do you feel comfortable sharing deep meaningful conversation that can stimulate your spiritual growth? Where do you find moments of solace and quiet in your life? When do you feel the need to access your spiritual core?

June, it is suggested, conjures up and brings forth the teacher within. The opportunity to seek and find that teacher is critical. We all have it. It’s just a matter of finding it. Sometimes eliminating interferences is essential to give us each time to seek it out. June could be that time.

Stay tuned for some possible programmes in the months of June and July. For now, let us use the opportunity for searching and nourishing the spirit within, in times such as these. And… stay tuned for upcoming programming that Gabriola Ecumenical Society will be offering during our summer months. Happy June!