Saturday, June 25,  Net Loft

Twenty-two spiritual seekers experienced deep peace in a progressive series of meditations and chanting of solar mantras, culminating in a flower offering ceremony with 108 repetitions of the powerful traditional sun mantra Surya Gayatri .

Pandit Tejomaya opened the event recognizing how well the First Peoples of this land have kept it. He then explained what we would do, and led us to begin the chanting. A set of meditations interspersed with chanting brought us into a progressively quieter space together.

We then offered lovely, sweet smelling, fresh-picked rose petals – one at a time – to  water surrounding a candle, as we chanted the Surya Gayatri sun mantra together – 108 times. Tejomaya explained that nothing exists in the macrocosm that cannot be brought into the microcosm. He asked us to share how the participants felt about the event. A number of us talked about just how calming and lightening the meditating and chanting experience was. Some of us later remarked that we had been brought to such a deep place of peace, we had no need to speak in response. 

Next, we went out to the beautiful stone Net Loft summer kitchen patio for a delicious potluck supper – and chatting!  What a delightful, early summer, sunny day by the sea.

I have had the privilege to know Pandit Tejomaya for twelve years –  since my wife Vicky and I went to him for healing yoga, workshops and  teachings at his studio and home here on Gabriola. Tejomaya now lives as a Forest Dweller on Lasqueti island with his husband Duane. I regret not having visited – yet ! 
Thank you so much, Tejomaya , for helping us welcome summer in such a delightful way. 

John Gooding