Friday, April 22 2016  7-9 pm
Saturday, April 23, 2016   10-3pm
The Rollo Centre  685 North Road

Interactions between Mysticism and Activism

stargazing-seeking-journeyIn the heart of the mystic, action arises from a restless longing for a better world. Continuing our theme ‘Walking on the Mystical Side” we are pleased  to have Dan Hines as our facilitator who will encourage and guide us into  exploring how we can make a difference in our world today.He encourages  us to ponder the following:

How do I discern my work in the midst of injustice and in light of so many needs?

  • In what practices might I deepen my personal voice and agency?
  • How do I creatively hold the tension between the Ideal and the Real?
  • What is the difference between inaction, reaction and action?

If you are  pondering  subtle yet effective ways to address social and ecological issues because you long for the well-being of your children, grandchildren and you desire to “be the change you want to see in the world’ [Gandi] this forum is for you.

Facilitator: Dan Hines

Dan Hines is facilitator with the Center for Courage and Renewal and has been mentored in facilitation by the author and activist, Parker J. Palmer.   Dan describes this forum  as an exploration into ‘blessed unrest’ – an informed, mystical and loving resistance to the world as it is, an   action is grounded in and informed by an inner integrity.

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Memorial Fund:

The board of the Gabriola Ecumenical Society (GES) would also like Gabriolans to know that there is a memorial fund set aside [in memory of Bill Graham] to assist those in our island community who would love to attend this event but find the suggested donations a hardship – you only need apply.

To inquire, contact Jacquie Jessup: 247-8308 or

All, regardless of income, are truly welcome to our GES programs!