Spirit in action … with elders of our community, couples, moms with little ones, single women and men, and five ukulele players leading this joyful crowd for three hours of caroling beginning at the Garden Homes, before moving on to other welcoming private homes of Gabriola elders, including two island farm homes.

G.E.R.T.I.E. was a great service, transporting about 20 of us from place to place, in a cavalcade with other cars of carolers.

We were over 40  “spirits in action,” helping each other navigate our way to the next doorway, greeting folks warmly, and caroling with care and with joy in our hearts.

We were a mix of long-time residents, newcomers, folks who knew each other and folks who didn’t – greeting and meeting one another along the way, enjoying little visits between the carols. It was community at its finest!

And it culminated with the traditional and grand-style big pot of hot chocolate, a table of festive edibles, and final caroling near the fireplace at Sue and Eric Boulton’s welcoming home – a tradition for 15 years now!