On Jan. 3, 2019 at 2:00 Maggie Doyne, co-founder of the BlinkNow Foundation, shared her compelling story of how she came to open a home for over 50 Nepalese children, a school for over 400 kids, 2 womens centres and so much more.

Maggie, from New Jersey, did a gap year when she was 19 and started supporting children in a war ravaged Nepal by assisting and funding their education. This led to providing a home for orphans or children from harsh living situations. Gradually a school was built to accommodate 350 other children.   The 32 year old now has the greenest school in the world about to open, along with other services and assistance to other social agencies .

Maggie also spoke about her Gabriola connections and the love of her husband and daughter that have helped her healing journey from the death of one of her children.

Jeremy Regimbal, her partner, and Maggie are producing a documentary about her story and she is writing a book that will soon be published.

BlinkNow fosters the inclusiveness GES speaks of in its mission statement with a love and compassion for all those it is able to assist.  It  has no religious affiliation but is the pinnacle of spiritual compassion.

The event was attended by close to 70 people at the GAC and was well received with generous donations (over $1400!), a standing ovation, and lots of interesting questions.